Mattress Cleaning Company

slide1-bgHygienitech is a mattress and upholstery cleaning and sanitizing company offering anti-allergen and dust mite sanitization and mattress cleaning services.
Today, Hygienitech service providers are no longer just focusing on just providing mattress cleaning and sanitizing services. Hygienitech “dealers” now offer a complete range of anti-allergen and contamination elimination services for both the residential and commercial market. Our process eradicates everything from dust mites to bed bugs and everything in between.


Hygienitech Systems LLC.


Hygienitech Systems LLC, founded in 1999, originally focused on providing mattress cleaning and sanitizing services. We did so after discovering that the mattress cleaning and sanitizing business was a mature service industry throughout Europe which began in the early 1980’s. Our extensive research uncovered the fact that there were thousands of businesses in Europe providing mattress cleaning and sanitizing services to both the private sector and thousands of multi-bed facilities on a regular basis.

Our further market research revealed that there were no similar, dry and chemical-free services being performed anywhere throughout North America. The only somewhat related services targeting the problem of mattress contamination was being done by a few carpet cleaning companies– and only in very rare instances did they promote this service due to the inherent problems encountered when using a wet or steam process. Carpet cleaners were also faced with the inherent problems associated with using the same equipment designed for carpeting to clean and sanitize the mattress.