Upholstery Sanitizing Services


Advantage of mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning is process which kills bugs from your bed, also its remove dust so you can enjoy comfortable sleep; here are few advantage of mattress cleaning
1) Extend the life of mattress:- By regular cleaning you can extend the life of your mattress up to 3 years

2) I prove your immunity:- if you will sleep on clean and bug free mattress, your immunity will increase day by day

3) Save cost:- New mattress will cost so high, if you will use mattress cleaning services like hyginetech llc, you can save lot of money

4) Refer a friend and get discount:- Hyginetech provide best cleaning services and when you will refer this service to any of your friend you will get huge discount on your next service call.

How to clean mattress at home
Cleaning mattress is extreme important for clean bugs and dead skill cells, mattress cleaning is difficult process so we will prefer to go with professional cleaning service like hyginetech, here are few tips to clean mattress at home
1) Strip the mattress cover off the bed and wash them in hot water, add some virus cleaner like dettol in water

2) Put the mattress on open area where sun rays are direct accessible

3) Sprinkle baking soda on mattress and put it for 1 hrs

4) Clean the mattress using wet cloth

5) Wait until mattress get dry


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